Thursday, 7 May 2015

5 things...

I really want to take this whole blogging thing seriously, so I tried to read up, even buying expensive magazines featuring my blogging heroes, so far my success can only be measured on one thing... 

The fact I own a pair of Swedish Hasbeens, which are apparently the bloggers footwear of choice... As lovely as they are, I'm pretty sure they won't get me far in this particular venture!

Upon further inspection of said magazine and the further research, it appears I still have a lot more research to do, but whilst I continue to find my feet and figure out this crazy online world I'd start by following advice and listing things I enjoy and can blog about. 

As 5 is my favourite number, I guessed I'd go for that. So here are my starting points, in no particular order:


Being a Mummy, ultimately the biggest change in my life. When Elsie first came along I considered starting a blog then entitled 'Eat, Sleep, Sh*t', as that seemed like a pretty accurate description of my life. My inner monologue gave me thousand of well versed, witty anecdotes about motherhood... However, upon reflection of these sleep deprived thoughts, the words were more likely a jumbled waffle, so its probably a good thing I was too exhausted.


Crafting, this is m favourite hobby, I love making and as a teacher, I love the crafts to be accessible to all, DIY's area real big plan of mine, and since beginning to plan this blog I've been unable to look at everyday objects in the same light, I'm constantly thinking 'what can this become?'. I also love to sew, this is probably one of the things I'll blog about most, and as a teacher of sewing, well 'Textiles Technology', I'd imagine this will feature a lot. 


Organisation, ok, so anybody who knows me will know this is something I do not have a control on, but as I mentioned before in my New Year Resolutions blog, I am aiming to get  a hold of this, and planning to juggle as many things as I do, I feel its probably necessary. Inspired by Claire Dunphy in the latest series of Modern Family, I may just set up a Pinterest page called 'Organisational Porn' to help figure out how. 


I'm not an especially active person, pretty much standard, I don't have wild adventures and I do get excited by the idea of curling up on the sofa with a nice glass of red. However, if I do happen to get up to something more interesting than that I will share it with you.


source (Photo from The Search for WondLa, by Tony DiTerlizzi)

Books. I love books. To the point I have to limit myself in how much I read, if I didn't I'm pretty sure I would cease any communication with the outside world. However, most of the books I plan to include will most likely be related to crafts and parenting. Although, if I find a really good book, I'll most likely be unable to resist!

Obviously, I'll just have to wait and see what works, 

Thanks for stopping by, 


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