Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Letters to my daughter...

I have a beautiful daughter, she was born in 2013 and she's named Elsie, she's my world, she has beautiful rosebud lips, big blue eyes, and a head of auburn curls. She's also a lunatic, filled with giggles and totally fearless, never a day goes by when she fails to make me laugh. 

I've so much to tell her, I talk to her all the time, but alas my words mean very little now so I decided to save them, using this blog.

I've also created her an email address, to which I will send her each letter I write, and when the time feels right, I will pass on the password, so she can read to her hearts content. 

I can't predict everything I'll write, it may be nonsense, but hopefully it will mean something to her. 

So today's letter is as simple as;

'I love you, no matter what' 

I hope this will become a regular feature, keep your eyes peeled. 

Thanks for stopping by, 


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