Friday, 1 May 2015

Hello, this is me...

Like most people, I had a list of New Year Resolutions, only I never promised myself I would make them happen on 1st January, I knew I could never stick to that and I'd end up putting it on my list for next year where the cycle would repeat.

Instead I promised myself I would do it at some point through the year, so that brings me here. Into the 'bloggershere', its nice here, I've done it before, but without the proper commitment, it fizzled. So here I am, trying again, and this time I'm a little more organised. (I think)

3 words that describe me... Crafty, Creative, Manic... Ok so 3 is hard, I'll just write it instead, I like in the UK, right in the middle, literally, you can't get any further away from the sea! I'm a teacher at a Secondary School where I teach kids how to sew, I'm a craft lover, sewing is my favourite, but I like to try other things too, and most importantly I'm a mother to a wonderful little girl.

So welcome to my new blog, I've plans for lots of features and ideas, including sharing my love of crafting and mostly sewing, my passion for teaching, and my life as a wife and mother.

As for the rest of my New Year Resolutions... Well you'll have to check back tomorrow!

Thank you for stopping by, 


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